¡Feliz Noche de Reyes! (Happy Twelfth Night! )

Today in Spain is Twelfth Night, a night that will always be magical for us even tough we are not children anymore. This night the Three Kings visit our homes and leave us gifts, only if we have been good during the past year! For those who celebrate this day, I hope you have a lot of gifts! I show you some Pinterest inspiration for this day. I think that Dolce & Gabanna collection inspired by the Byzantine Empire and Orient, is perfect for today. Happy Sunday!

¡Os deseo una muy feliz noche de Reyes y que mañana tengáis muchos regalillos! Os dejo con un post inspiración de Pinterest. Creo que recordar la colección de Dolce & Gabanna inspirada en Bizancio y Oriente es perfecto para el día de hoy. Mañana nos vemos con un post de rebajas. ¡Feliz Domingo!

noche de Reyes heelsandpeplumDolce & Gabanna, The Three Kings

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