Illustration: Chanel brasserie Gabrielle

chanel chanel brasserie show kendall jenner illustration by heelsandpeplumToday I show you my last fashion illustration. She is the beautiful model Kendall Jenner at the Chanel AW15  brasserie  show. Chanel is fashion and art but in the last shows is also a great spectacle almost like a movie that all fashion lovers are waiting for.

Surely, you just saw a lot of photos of the famous brasserie show, but I recommended you those by Garance Doré, you find the link clicking in her name. In the meantime, I also show you another photos from the backstage. I hope you like the illustration! Thank you for your comments and visits!

Hoy os enseño mi última ilustración con Kendall Jenner como protagonista en el último desfile de Chanel, la ya famosa brasserie Gabrielle. Seguramente, ya vistéis un montón de fotos del  famoso show celebrado en el Grand Palais pero mis favoritas son las de Garance Doré, si pinchas en su nombre tenéis el link. Yo os dejo con mi ilustración y algunas fotos del backstage. ¡Espero que os guste la ilustración! ¡Gracias por todos vuestros comentarios y visitas!





5 thoughts on “Illustration: Chanel brasserie Gabrielle

  1. The Girl In A Cocktail Dress says:

    Such a cute illustration – you should put it on instagram and tag Kendall, she might see it! I enjoyed your post! Very interesting, cool (and stylish too!!) Keep it up! Come check out my blog, if you get the chance, I recently posted makeup trends straight from the runway, would love to know what you think!
    p.s. I created a bloglovin account, are you on there too??

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