Mi nombre es Cristina y soy la autora de Heels & Peplum, un blog de moda, fotografía e ilustración. Todas ellas son mis verdaderas pasiones. Me gusta todo lo que es bello y artístico y creo que la moda es parte del arte del sXXI. En mi blog, escrito en inglés y español, enseño las últimas colecciones de alta costura, inspiración de street-style, las últimas tendencias de moda y propongo las mejores compras de cada temporada. Los sábados y domingos muestro mis fotografías siempre de algún rincón lleno de belleza e inspiración y al menos una vez a la semana muestro mis propias ilustraciones y bocetos de moda.

My name is Cristina and I am the author of Heels & Peplum, a fashion, photography and illustration blog. I love everything that is beautiful and artistic and I think that fashion is part of the true art of the XXI century. I show you latest couture collections, the best street-style photographs, the latest fashion trends and I propose you the best shopping garments for each season. On Saturdays and Sundays, I try to show you my own photographs and at least once a week I show my own fashion illustrations and fashion sketches.


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      • TStrahlendberg says:

        Hi Chris!
        SO, I would love to feature you on my blog. I just graduated from university and am “job hunting” at the moment while enjoying life, laughing with friends, traveling a lot AND thinking about why we do things or become passionate about them. Therefore, I was wondering if you would like to send me some pictures of you, your favorite place of whatever you think is fitting and write a little something about the following questions:

        – Who are you/what are you like (max. 5 words)?
        – Why did you start blogging?
        – What are you doing at the moment?
        – How did you get there?
        – Why do you think you want to do that job or activity and why are you passionate about it?
        – What are your top three goals in life at the moment? Why?
        – Funny story that happened along the way?
        – Whatever you find as fitting…

        The total article should be about 5 paragraphs long. could be shorter could be longer though 🙂
        If you like we can also skype once you have a little draft set up.
        AND if you have another friend that would be interested in joining the conversation 🙂 Feel free to give her my email 🙂

        Cheers and enjoy the weekend!!!


  1. longandluxe says:

    Dear heelsandpeplum, Your blog is just beautiful and I am so happy I found it. Looking forward to seeing more and I’m also really enjoying looking through your archives. So many pretty things to see and great fashion tips to learn!! xoxo

  2. chloescravings says:

    So glad I found another fellow fashion blogger:) Check me out and check out my giveaway contest going on right now!

    I was also just added to the team of popsugar.com as a POPSUGAR Select Fashion Blogger, in which my article will be featured on the website september 11th! you can find me under Chloe’s Cravings 🙂

    Hope to talk soon!

  3. Soraya says:

    Hola! Sólo pasaba por aquí para decirte que me gusta haber encontrado tu blog, porque actualizas de forma constante pero no abrumas con fotos e información como hace mucha gente, además de que escoges fotos muy buenas 🙂 Buen finde!

  4. tarahsaint says:

    Hi lovely, after scavenging through your blog posts with countless likes, I knew I had to follow you! Your blog is full of substance and that’s rare to find especially in fashion blogging. Meet your new and dedicated subbie! I hope you do the same 🙂

  5. Saray says:

    Hola Cristina, soy Saray de “enlasmanosdeyaras”, hace tiempo que nos leemos… me encanta seguirte porque me inspiras. Recientemente he empezado a colaborar con la revista Diario de Mujer y quiero proponerte para este mes de Mayo… Te cuento todo con más detalle por mail… Un besín

    • heelsandpeplum says:

      Hola Saray
      Qué ilusión!!! Te mando mi e-mail: heelsandpeplum@gmail.com. Cuéntame todo jeje! Aunque este mes ando un poco agobiada con todo intentaré colaborar por supuesto. Es que estoy en medio de entrevistas de trabajo para irme a Londres. Ya os contaré en el blog las novedades si consigo algo.
      un beso

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